You haven’t lived til you’ve tried the brisket at this smokin hot BBQ joint in Petitenget

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Call us crazy, but sometimes you bite into something and that food just speaks to your soul. We’ve had this sort of profound food-euphoria experience several months ago at Smokehouse BBQ Bali on Jl. Petitenget when we gobbled up some of their Texas-style barbecue brisket. 

Vegans move on, this hot spot isn’t for you (hey, we still love you and we alternatively recommend noshing here, here, and here). 

Now, it could be because there’s no one else close to offering the same thing in Bali and we’re just craving some good ol’ fashioned bbq, or it could be that it’s just darn good brisket in its own right. Either way, we’re hooked and we’ve been going back to this Texas smokehouse regularly to get our fix, since our first taste of that tender, wood-smoked, juicy meat. 

Smokehouse BBQ Bali is dedicated to their bbq craft (the owner is apparently even from Austin). They cook their bbq in their giant smoker overnight—you can’t miss “the beast”, it’s front and center in the canteen style resto. Because of the slow cooking style, especially with the brisket which is at least 12 hours in the smoker, when they run out, it’s out. 

If you’re more of a babi fan, fret not, because they’ve also got pulled pork and pork spare ribs. But we gotta say, we liked the pulled pork and generally even gravitate towards pulled pork, but the brisket just outshines the pork here. 

Chopped beef, sausage, and smoked chicken are also on the menu. 

And if you’re not into just eating big hunks of meat without some carbs, you can order the brisket or pulled pork in sandwich or quesadilla form—browned and crispy, we highly recommend the quesadilla (with brisket, duh)!

Smokehouse Bali
Quesadilla with brisket: highly recommended. Don’t forget to lather it up with the homemade hot sauce! Photo: Juminten Jones/Coconuts Bali

They’ve also got a handful of side dishes including mac & cheese! We suspect the cheese they’re using may be something of a Velveeta consistency, but hey, we know how hard it is to get good cheese supply in Indo, so we’ll take it alongside our bbq in Bali any day!

Expect a warm greeting characteristic of the American Southwest: when we visited anonymously, they offered us a taste of the pulled pork and brisket right as we walked in. 

Smokehouse Bali
Precision. Photo: Juminten Jones/Coconuts Bali
Smokehouse Bali
Brisket sandwich with mac & cheese on the side. Photo: Juminten Jones/Coconuts Bali

Hot sauce lovers rejoice, they’ve got an arsenal of homemade sauces on every table and even recommendations of which sauces pair best with which meats. 

The drinks are also kickass. The frozen margs and bourbon lemonade go down oh-so smoothly and totally round out a meal there. And they’re one of the few restaurants in Indonesia that provide free water with your meal—and from an authentic Igloo-brand cooler no less!

Coconuts Hot Spots are notable new restaurants or undiscovered gems around Bali that we think are worth a visit.



Smokehouse BBQ Bali

Jl. Petitenget no. 14
Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mondays)
+62 878 6235 1052


Jl. Danau Tamblingan no. 35
Thursday-Sunday (closed Monday to Wednesday)
1pm-9pm (until sold out)
+62 859 5378 2448

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