We’re all about the iced lattes, mango tarts, and lush green views at this Ubud cafe

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — This cute rustic place reminds us a bit of Potato Head with all the repurposed window shutters, but instead of Seminyak beach, it is located on one end of a bridge in lush green Ubud. Mind you, this is not the bridge in front of the famed Blanco Museum. Not many visitors to Ubud make the effort to go past Nyuh Kuning Village to get to this bridge, so Barong Bridge Cafe is not as crowded as so many other places closer to Ubud center. 

The cafe opened late last year, specializing in serving a selection of cakes and drinks. Since then, the place has expanded its menu to include Western main courses like pizza, pasta, and burgers. 

Being a Japanese-owned cafe, the pasta served here tends to be creamier than what you’d normally find in most Italian restaurants due to the generous amounts of cheese sprinkled on top of every dish. Which is great if you’re a cheese lover, but we somehow prefere the Japanese influence tasted in their cakes instead. 

All their cakes are noticeably less sweet compared to desserts you’d find elsewhere, so you can really savor the creaminess and taste the flavors of their fresh ingredients. Their choco-banana tart, green tea tart, and tiramisu are simply heavenly!   

There is not much room inside the air-conditioned space, but plenty of seats outside where you can enjoy the lush greeneries and light traffic passing through the bridge. Our favorite spot would be the bar-style individual seats on the balcony outside. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sunset with a cool iced cafe latte and their yummy mango tart—a steal at only Rp 45,000 for both! Picturesque views, tasty food, and reasonable prices—what more could you ask for?



Barong Bridge Cafe
Jl.Nyuh Kuning
11am – 10:30pm

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