Newcomer Little Ripper Cafe offers sourdough doughnuts, fish cakes benedict in Kedungu

Little Ripper Cafe, located in Kedungu, opened on Dec. 1, 2020. Photo: Instagram/Little Ripper Bali
Little Ripper Cafe, located in Kedungu, opened on Dec. 1, 2020. Photo: Instagram/Little Ripper Bali

If you’re looking for some place tucked away from the usual hustle and bustle of Canggu, you can head over to Kedungu in a fairly short drive, home to newcomer Little Ripper Cafe that’s been making the buzz around town lately. 

We love ourselves some good sourdough on any given day, but we were particularly intrigued with SourBomb from Little Ripper, which is the name of its sourdough doughnuts. We can’t forget that Bali’s F&B scene is ever-evolving, so though it’s entirely possible that other establishments have launched their versions of this pretty recent doughnut trend, Little Ripper’s gotta be among the first ones at least. 

For flavors, you can choose between cinnamon sugar (IDR15,000), PB cream & jam (IDR20,000), and tiramisu & cream (IDR25,000). Owner Eric Chooi told us via Instagram DM that their SourBomb uses sourdough starter and takes about half a day to raise. 

“It’s more flavorful from the usual doughnut,” Eric said, adding that all of Little Ripper’s baked goods are baked in house without yeast. 

A crafty breakfast menu always fascinates us, and Little Ripper’s Fish Cakes Benedict (IDR65,000), which is served with poached eggs, spinach, homemade kimchi hollandaise, and sourdough looks quite intriguing. The café’s savory Oats Porridge (IDR55,000), which comes with green vinaigrette, poached egg, parmesan, and green salad, is pretty popular too. 

When it comes to lunch, Little Ripper’s offerings vary from Prawns Scallion Pancake (IDR70,000), to Roasted Spanish Mackerel (IDR70,000), to Fish Burger (IDR78,000). We don’t know about you, but to us this little café sure has busted out an impressive menu that is the perfect complement to a little adventure out in Kedungu. 

The drinks menu consists of the expected variety from coffee and tea to juices and smoothies, with the highest price being IDR45k. Don’t forget to try Little Ripper’s (free!) homemade Water Kefir if it’s available during your visit, as the café makes ‘em in small batches. 

We’d be remiss not to mention that Little Ripper also has a little library, where visitors can walk in and read books on the spot or take them out. It’s the perfect nook to relax and stay dry, and you can enjoy a hot cuppa while you’re at it. 

Little Ripper actually began as an AirBnB space, which first opened on Christmas Eve in 2019. Eric said the place quickly became popular and were well-booked throughout 2020, until the coronavirus pandemic happened. 

Following many cancellations, Eric and his wife and co-owner, Cheryl Koesdjojo, stayed idle for a few months, but eventually decided they needed to get the gears moving again by September. 

“We believe by opening a cafe ⁠— the worst business to have ⁠— during this crazy time would create jobs and provide hope to people. It’s not all doom and gloom,” Eric said, adding that the cafe opened on Dec. 1. 

People say Canggu feels a little crowded these days, and with Little Ripper Cafe making waves recently, maybe it’s just about time to give Kedungu a try. 

“We want people to come to Kedungu because Kedungu is a much sexier version of Canggu. Our waves are better, the vibes are chiller,” Eric said.

Let us know your verdicts in the comments or on our socials if you get a chance to check out Little Ripper Cafe yourself, Coconauts. Don’t forget to stay safe! 

(US$1 = 14,038)



Little Ripper Cafe 

Jl. Pantai Kedungu No. 1899, Tabanan, Bali 

Opens 7:30am – 3pm, closed on Mondays

Phone: +628118703312



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