Guilt free vegan ice cream exists and you can get it fresh in Ubud

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — If there’s ever such a thing as guilt-free indulgence, Kokolato ice cream is IT.  

And I’m not just saying that because they are just as nuts as we are when it comes to coconuts. Instead of milk, they use organic and raw coconut cream base. Instead of sucrose, they use low-glycemic coconut sugar. Coconut oil, young coconut, mature coconut—you name it, they use it.

If you’ve been around the block in Ubud, then you may have come across Kokolato on Jl. Jembawan, but they recently relocated to their own little pop up shop on Jl. Dewi Sita. 

When judging ice cream quality, I always go for a scoop of vanilla. Vanilla has a delicate flavor profile, so there’s not much room to hide any off-flavor coming from improper handling or low quality ingredients. With their claim of only using fresh organic ingredients, there’s a lot of pressure riding on a single scoop of Kokolato vanilla ice cream. 


V E G A N ice cream ~ winning ! !

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Lots of things can go wrong with ice cream, especially a non-dairy one like Kokolato’s. Uncontrolled thawing and refreezing can cause brittle ice crystals, a wrong dose of emulsifiers can cause a gooey gummy texture, and in the absence of milk’s unique chemical properties, it is twice (if not more) as difficult to achieve great mouthfeel and flavor from non-dairy ingredients. Certainly not an easy feat, but I’m happy to report that Kokolato raises up to the challenges. 

Their clever use of Irish moss creates a silky smooth yet light texture that makes for an amazing feeling in your mouth. And only the best quality raw materials can produce such vibrant flavors.



Vegan ice cream made with crystal essences and 528Hz. #vegan #icecream #Ubud #bali #indonesia #travel #food

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But even without all the above-mentioned rationale, how can you seriously not feel good about eating something that features things like “soul” and “love frequency” on the ingredient list? 

“We integrate the latest conscious technology into our production by seducing our ice cream with 528-hertz love frequencies, crystal essences, blessings from healers, and sacred geometry in every batch,” Founder Jonathan Keim said in an interview with IndoJunkie.

I’m currently eagerly working my way down the 20+ flavors they currently offer. Moringa mint chip, carrot cake, devilicious raw cacao… yum!


Jl. Dewi Sita
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm (closed Sundays)


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