5 must-have apps in Indonesia

If you’re new to Indonesia the amount of smartphones might surprise you. It’s not uncommon for the standard Indonesian urbanite to have two smartphones in their pockets, and in every public space you’ll see that Indonesians are as transfixed to their mobile screens as the rest of the world. 

With smartphones come apps, and there are now masses of apps that cater to the Indonesian market. The crowd favorites aren’t universal however and apps that are popular elsewhere may seem surprisingly empty in Indonesia. 

So which apps are the crowd favorites in Indonesia?

Below is a list of useful apps that’ll plug you into to the digital megaverse that is Indonesia. 


Gojek is to Ojeks (motorbike taxis) what Uber was to the taxi industry – only better! Although Uber does exist here, everyone knows that if you want to get somewhere quickly then it’s best to go on a motorbike: cheap, flexible and fast! Gojek will completely change how you get around. Plus Gojek drivers can bring you beer or deliver your mail—Indonesian flexibility as its best.

Photo: Gojek

If you’re more car inclined then there is always the gold standard of taxis in Indonesia ‘Bluebird Taxi app’ and of course like the rest of the world Uber is making its presence known. Grab is also getting big and worth giving a shot.

2. PATH 

Photo: Path

Wonder what app Indonesians use to burn time whilst waiting for friends and to let everyone know when they wake up and what they eat? Well surprisingly it’s not Facebook, but Path! Path is a social media platform that somehow grew crazily popular with young Indonesians. It’s like the Facebook of yesteryear, a raw feed of everything your friends said and did in the order they said and did it. But don’t worry, if you’re not ready to add to your social networking platforms, Indonesians are also crazy about Instagram and Twitter. 

3. WAZE 

Photo: Waze

“NO RESULTS FOR WARUNG DIMANA” — the Google Maps curse in Indonesia. If you want the GPS map app that Indonesians use then you need to get WAZE. Filled with local businesses, up to date street options, police warnings, and rather accurate traffic information, Waze is everything you need when exploring Indonesia. Using Waze will leave you wondering how you previously found anything. 

4. BBM Messenger 

Photo: BBM

This one is a strange one. For a lot of us, BBM evokes images of the businessmen of yesteryear and tiny keyboards. However in Indonesia BBM somehow cornered the data-messaging market. Although apps like Line and WhatsApp are increasing in popularity, if you want to be able to connect to as many Indonesians as possible then you better memorize your bay-bay-em Pin pronto. 


Travel Loka
Photo: Traveloka

If you’re traveling around Indonesia, the first thing you’ll probably realize is that it’s big—really big! Traveloka will help you find the best flights, connecting routes, and most importantly the best price. By far best app for finding the best domestic travel options as it is Indonesia-based and has access to the best deals. 


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