Yangon’s bus rapid transit system launches

Yangon’s quasi-public bus rapid transit launched on Monday, and while we’re not sure how adding another bus to the thousands on the road helps ease congestion, the vehicle looks quite spiffy.

One positive is that the BRT seems easier to navigate than the confusing menagerie of public transportation that exists in Yangon right now. The stops are clearly labeled as is the bright yellow bus itself (see the big BRT on the front)

Here is a map at one of the stops posted by a passenger on Facebook.

As you can see there is a yellow line and a blue line. The yellow was in operation yesterday, but it is unclear if the blue is up and running yet.

So apparently how it works is you buy a prepaid card from an employee working on the bus. Trips are around 300 kyats (less than $0.30) and you have to top up the card, or buy a new one, when it runs out.

Enjoy the ride.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect new information about the different lines.

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