What’s your Myanmar Zodiac sign? This is your Myanmar Zodiac sign

A fortune teller waits for customers on Sule Pagoda road in downtown Yangon in September of 2013. PHOTO/COCONUTS MEDIA

Are you a mouse or a lion? A guinea pig or a dragon? Which planet reflects your personality? And what element?

If these are the questions in life that really vex you, relax. There’s now an easy way to find out.

The Asia Society has published a new tool to determine a person’s Myanmar Zodiac sign according to the astrological “Mahabote chart.”

The ancient system and complex, which pre-dates the birth of Buddha, takes into account a host of factors, including the alignment of the planets and what time of day you were born.

Just enter your birth date and time here.

It’s a little glitchy: For most years, you have to type your details out in the format YYYY/MM/DD followed by the time.

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