Watch this stirring documentary about MMA fighter Aung La Nsang and his family

Screenshot via Tagu Films.
Screenshot via Tagu Films.

The main conflict in the life of Kachin-American MMA fighter Aung La Nsang would seem to be between him and his opponents in the ring. A more astute observer might say that in his never-ending quest to improve, the fighter wages an even more important conflict with himself.

However, according to a documentary recently released by Yangon-based Tagu Films, the truth is that the so-called “Burmese Python” wages a heartbreaking battle every day with his career, which keeps him apart from his true loves – his wife Katie and his son Aung De (“Adee”).

The film takes the viewer from the family’s quiet home in Baltimore, where the Aung La and Katie describe their admiration for each other, to the packed shopping malls and stadiums of Yangon, where Aung La wins his belts in front of thousands of fans. Even as Aung La spends his days signing autographs and meeting admirers, he says he wishes he was home and that the only reason he fights so hard is so that he can spend more time with his family when his career comes to its inevitable end in a couple years.

The film also shows Aung La getting a hug from Aung San Suu Kyi.

Check it out here:

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