New Black Canyon Coffee opens on Ahlone Road

Meet Yangon’s new Black Canyon Coffee, similar to Yangon’s old Black Canyon Coffee.

But better.

The Thai chain had a longstanding cafe on Ahlone Road next to the Yangon International Hotel. It was funky but a little dated, with faux-leather furniture in disco hues.

Now the chain has reinvented the local spot, moving a few doors down closer to the Summit Parkview Hotel. It’s literally in the same complex, with Cafe 365 taking its place. The grand opening was today (tip: they are passing out free iced-coffee).

The new and improved digs are more uniform and modern than the previous incarnation. Disco furniture? Gone.

Though we can’t claim to be world authorities on the menu in the old Black Canyon Coffee, this one looks like it has received a welcome makeover, with more options on the food and drink front.

Prices are reasonable if not cheap. An Americano costs K2,500 (about $2).

Check it out, but not if you are in the mood to read a novel. It was jam-packed today.

Photo / Coconuts Yangon

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