Myanmar’s ambassador to Malaysia breaks Ramadan fast with Myanmar Muslims in Kuala Lumpur

It’s being described as a “historic” occasion, and with all the religious tensions between Buddhists and Muslims building back up again, it may be.

In Kuala Lumpur on Friday, the ambassador to Malaysia, U Zaw Myint, broke the fast with ex-pat Muslims who invited the Buddhist diplomat through the Myanmar Muslim Association of Malaysia.

“We are very happy that he accepted our invitation. It’s the first time that an official of his stature has joined us. It’s a very big thing for us,” Hatee Abdul Razak, a writer and activist, was quoted as saying in the Star, which reported the news.

“We hope the government in Myanmar could follow his act,” he said.

Razak also told the paper that some who attended the dinner were so moved by the ambassador’s presence that they wept.

While the story comes with a photo we were unable to confirm the report, and no photos were posted to the embassy’s website or to the association’s website.

Perhaps it was meant to be low key.

In any case, it would be wonderful if it happened even remotely as described in the Star.

Religious tensions are running high after mobs in Kachin state and Bago region destroyed mosques last month.

No one was arrested in Bago but five people have been charged in the Kachin case.

The new government has been weirdly quiet about the issue.

Meanwhile, Aung San Suu Kyi is set to visit Malaysia in August, the first visit to a predominantly Muslim ASEAN country since her government came to power in April.

Suu Kyi is not popular there due to her lack of action of the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State.

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