Man charged under 66(D) for threatening to upload nude photos of ‘online girlfriend’

Photo: Facebook / BeeTalk Myanmar

A 24-year-old man from South Okkalapa is being sued under Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law for threatening a girl that he met on the chat app Beetalk, reports Kumudra.

Charges were brought against the defendant, Nyan Phyo Oo, who became close with an underage 10th-grade female student from Twante via the app. The two began talking approximately a month ago, and eventually entered into an online relationship. At one point, Nyan Phyo Oo started asking the girl to send him various nude photos of herself.

However, things turned scary on March 15 — the same day that the student finished her final exams — when Nyan Phyo Oo allegedly began taunting her with the photos that she had sent. He then told her that he would only erase the pictures if she met him alone and spent the night with him at a motel in Pansodan.

The Twante Police Station has opened the case and is launching an investigation.

Although Beetalk’s official Myanmar slogan is ‘Meet new friends,’ the Thailand-based app is also frequently used for dating. Users can see how geographically close they are to one another, and ‘add’ anyone that they’d like to start chatting with; if the other person accepts, then both parties can start messaging each other.

Arguably Beetalk’s most popular feature among lovebirds is its ‘Whisper Mode,’ which erases messages, pictures, and even voice messages once they’ve been read. In 2014, a Tech In Asia article likened Beetalk to Snapchat due to its advantageousness for sexting.

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