Father finds maggots inside slice of Seasons cheesecake (VIDEO)

Photo: Screengrab
Photo: Screengrab

While the FDA is trying to crack down on the use of formaldehyde in food sold in Yangon’s markets, they might also want to inspect the food being served to customers in the city’s cafés.

One man was equal parts surprised and disgusted — okay, maybe leaning a bit more towards disgusted — when a piece of cake he bought from a Seasons bakery had maggots crawling around inside.

On Wednesday night, Facebook user Pyiesone Phyo uploaded the video of the ‘layers upon layers’ of wriggling larvae within the crust of a slice of cheesecake that he had just purchased earlier that day. He wrote that he had bought the cake for his sons, and thankfully, they spotted the maggots before anyone ate it.

“If we hadn’t looked, my sons would’ve accidentally gotten more nutrients,” he wrote sarcastically. In a rightful name-and-shame move, Pyiesone Phyo also uploaded his receipt, which showed that it was the Yankin Center branch that sold him the cake.

Photo: Facebook / Pyiesone Phyo

In addition to expressing their own disgust complete with barfing emojis, several users also commented that they too have encountered sanitation problems with Seasons in the past. One person commented that she was once sold moldy bread, which she didn’t realize until just before she was about to eat it.

Another pointed out: “If the cake had just gone sour, it wouldn’t be at this stage; there would only be a bit of mold,” which really raises the question of just how long this cake has been on the shelf.

A Seasons spokesperson told Coconuts that they were looking into the case, but could provide no additional comment.

Look, we get that any cake purchased at 9pm won’t be the freshest slice of the day, but this is ridiculous.

We’re unsure of what else to say, and so was Pyiesone Phyo who simply wrapped up his post with the comment: “Guess it’s no longer vegetarian.”

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