Downtown prayer service held for slain reporter Soe Moe Tun

A group of journalists held a prayer aervice in downtown Yangon last night for Eleven Media reported Soe Moe Tun, who was found apparently murdered in Monywa, Sagaing Region, on December 13.

The prayers were led by People’s Age Journal chief editor Lutt Latt Soe and attended by students from the Myanmar Media Development Center and other journalists. About 10 people in total attended the service.

“The people – not just journalists – are unsafe now. We do not have rule of law. We are praying to urge the authorities to establish law and order,” said Lutt Latt Soe. “Journalists should have life insurance.”

Mourners held candles and signs saying “We will never forget you, Soe Moe Tun”.

monywa reporter murder prayer vigil yangon

“This is devastating to us because we are journalists, too, also working to tell the what is going right and what is going wrong,” said Lutt Latt Soe.

Soe Moe Tun’s friends have said they believe the reporter’s murder was connected to his reporting on illegal KTV businesses and logging in Monywa. Police have interrogated owners and staff of KTV and logging businesses in the area.

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