Director of Myanmar president’s office publishes essay about Donald Trump

Hmuu Zaw is the director of the president’s office and a commentator on world affairs.

His latest foray into the international scene is an essay, published in a local newspaper and republished on his frequently updated Facebook page yesterday, about US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The lengthy piece is generally in praise of ‘the Donald,’ who stooped to new lows this week – even by the low standards of the Donald – when he advocated for stopping Muslims from entering the US in the wake of religiously-motivated attacks in California.

“Symbols of Trump are what ordinary politicians didn’t say or think,” Hmuu Zaw wrote.

Describing Trump as a famous real estate billionaire leading the pack of Republican candidates, Hmuu Zaw wrote that local fans of the wannabee president call him “American Bullet,” a play on the nickname of brash and controversial Myanmar politician “Bullet Hla Swe.”

He also highlighted Trump’s “tough” stance with journalists, his choice of hat, country shirts and the Rock&Roll music that plays during campaign events.

When contacted by phone on Friday afternoon, Hmuu Zaw emphasized that he was writing as a private citizen and not as a government official.

Hmuu Zaw may like or admire Trump, but his popularity among other members of the population is less assured.

Earlier this year, Trump came in last place in a survey by website MyJobs, which asked local employers and business leaders to name the icon that most inspires them.

Photo / Hmuu Zaw via The Barbed Wire / Facebook

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