This heartfelt travel video from Myanmar will give you all the feels

Maybe it’s the soaring, slightly melancholic music. Or the meditative shots of joyful, everyday things like boys playing football in the street and babies in duck-themed caps. But this video about traveling in Myanmar really nails that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Ben McNamara put together the three minute film, ‘The Golden Land‘, after his third visit to the country, where he was shooting footage for a travel company.

The film, shot with a Canon 6D, was made from his extra material – one hour and forty minutes’ worth of it plus photographs and snippets of sound.

“It took three full days to sort through that and match up compositions and frames so that, when watching, the eye would follow the action,” said McNamara in an email.

Like most travelers in Southeast Asia, he raves about how great its citizens are.

“The people are what I LOVE about the place, and genuinely the most compassionate and friendly people I’ve ever come across,” he said.

“If I had to go back to just one place I would say Bagan. It’s unlike anything else and a morning sunrise there is unforgettable.

“But then Inle is also so rad.”

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