Knob N’ Knockers is a new restaurant drawing foodies with a racy name – but what’s the food like?

Knob N’ Knockers storefront. Photo: Coconuts Yangon
Knob N’ Knockers storefront. Photo: Coconuts Yangon

Naming your restaurant is probably one of the easiest things to do on the checklist when you’re coming out with a new culinary establishment, and the folks at this recently opened German-Italian restaurant — named Knob N’ Knockers — seem to have hit the ball right out of the park with that part of the, er, creative process.

Located in the Pearl Condo compound, where restaurants and cafes like Mr. Wok, Mañana, and Yangon Bakehouse have established the area as a well-known foodie corner, Knob N’ Knockers beckons passerby with bright neon green signs and Old West vibe stands — a stark contrast to the slick floor-to-ceiling glass storefronts of its neighbors over at Yangon Hot Pot and Japanese restaurant Himari.

While Knob N’ Knockers claims to serve both traditional German and Italian fare, we took a look through its menu and saw that it actually leans heavily towards the former, with options ranging from schnitzel and sandwiches to sausages and pork knuckle — although, they do serve pizza and salads, too.

The plates range from just under 10,000 kyats to 20,000 kyats (US $6.59 to US $13.19) for their imported products. If you’re dining there with a party of 4 or more, then it is well worth it to order one of their party platters (52,000 kyats/US $34.28 ), which comes with a selection of seven different pork sausages. The bigger mains like pork knuckles, lamb racks, or pork ribs are pricier, going for 30,000 to 45,000 kyats (US $20 to US $30) per plate.

Coconuts Yangon visited Knob N’ Knockers during the restaurant’s soft opening, on Valentine’s Day, which meant that we only got to sample dishes that were included in the special one-night holiday menu — so while we can’t speak on the quality of the food from the regular menu, we can say that the set menu was straight-forward and flavorful, a decidedly middle-of-the-road meal that didn’t dazzle or disappoint.

As for the ambience — low-light settings and a comprehensive pop-song selection, mostly culled from the 2000s and 2010s, created a relaxed atmosphere made more comfortable by their spacious booths and comfortable cushions.

While Westlife played in the background, the waiters poured us each a tall glass of Merlot. Moments like these make you feel like you’re finally free from the anxiety-inducing EDM beats that all the newest F&B establishments across town like to blast.

Broccoli soup with garlic bread. Photo: Nay Paing/Coconuts Media
French Classic Tuna Salad | Nay Paing
French tuna salad. Photo: Nay Paing/Coconuts Media
Fresh Salmon served with Sweet potato, Sauteed Vegetables, Capers creamy sauce | Nay Paing
Salmon with sweet potato, sautéed vegetables, and capers sauce. Photo: Nay Paing/Coconuts Media
Chicken Breast Scallopini seared in braised in rich creamy mushroom sauce served with roasted potatoes and mixed Garden Salad | Nay Paing
Chicken scallopini in mushroom sauce, with roasted potatoes and garden salad. Photo: Nay Paing/Coconuts Media
Chocolate brownies | Nay Paing
Chocolate brownies. Photo: Nay Paing/Coconuts Media

While the name of the restaurant suggests a dive bar atmosphere — something kind of naughty, maybe kind of edgy — it turns out that Knob n’ Knockers actually serves straightforward, simple German-Italian fare in a laid-back atmosphere. The friendly staff and not-so-serious interiors, plus those EDM-free playlists, make it a nice, relaxed restaurant to unwind in for an entire evening.


Knob n’ Knockers is at No. 21, Building D, Pearls Condo
Corner of Kabar Aye Pagoda Road & Saya San Road, Bahan, Yangon
Open 11am-midnight, daily
Reservations: +95 9 699 489777

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