10 fun things to do in Yangon this weekend [March 17-19]

Happy Friday y’all! It’s finally time to take a break from saving the world and/or collaboratively monetizing cloud-based niche deliverables. So whatchu gon do?

Here are 10 ideas:

Friday – March 17

50th Street Cafe Bar Restaurant Church Factory wants you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them tonight from 8pm to 1am. As always, this will be a convenient opportunity to sanctify a normal day with alcohol.

Saturday – March 18

The Goethe-Institut Myanmar is hosting the launch of a new issue of PIX — a Delhi-based initiative to “investigate, engage and archive broad contemporary photography and writing practices in India and South Asia.”

PIX has conducted projects in India, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Nepal. Myanmar is one of the last countries to be incorporated into this artistic exchange.

The event will be held at Myanm/art on Bogalay Zay Road at 7pm.

At around the same time, talented local band The Four will perform at Prime Bar starting at 7:30pm. They’ve been described by fans as one of the best bands in town and are known for their super-emotional ballads and playful covers, like this one of “Shake It Off“.

Spend the next stage of your Saturday reliving your childhood at the Back to the 90’s Party at The Penthouse.

According to the FB event: “Master Bay Tar will be spinning all the tunes from the 90’s, sure to make you remember your younger years and to get you moving! Come dressed in your finest 90s fashion and the first drink is on us!!”


If the 90s party ends and you just can’t think of what to do until 4am and have K7,000 to justify your existence, you can to head to Deep.Dark.Dirty at Muse Bar and dance to electronic sounds spun by Bali-based Dilee D.

Or you could do none of the above on Saturday and head instead to Botahtaung Jetty for the Thingyan Boat Party. It starts at 4:30pm, and you’ll be on a boat until 8:15pm.

You’ll pay K15,000 to get in or K20,000 if you want your ticket to include a towel, a water pistol and a beer.

Oh, and they have a “Golden Shower”.


Sunday – March 19

Wake up. Clean yourself up after last night’s Golden Shower. It’s time to start thinking about your heteronormative future.

The Chatrium Hotel will be hosting a Wedding Fair all day. There will be a wedding dress show at 6pm.

“Truly inspire yourself with a showcase of ideas to turn your dream wedding into a wonderful reality. Explore today’s lifestyle, health and beauty tips, and enjoy special discounts on famous brand names,” advises the event description.

Or you can go just to witness a real-life example of invidious distinction.

You probably don’t always crave German food, but when you do, it makes sense to get the K30,000 buffet brunch at Mahlzeit. It’s open from 11:30am to 2:30pm and includes beer and wine. They do this on the third Sunday of each month, when there are that many Sundays.

Alternatively, you could spend your Sunday poolside at the Rose Garden Hotel, feasting on BBQ , ice cream, fresh coconut water and “special mocktails”. All this can be yours for $29 for the day. Beers are an additional $2 each.

If mocktails are not your priority, at least you’ll know where to find the bourgeoisie if the revolution kicks off this weekend.

Finally, end your weekend with some restorative Zumba 4:30pm to 7:30pm at Fit Way Gym, which is not far from the Rose Garden Hotel. Pay K7,000 to drop it, or make this a regular thing by paying K50,000 for 10 classes.

OK bye!

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