Yishun child-stealer tale debunked? Netizen claims that he’s just a Pakistani man who sells religious stickers

Folks just love a good spooky tale regarding roaming strangers knocking on house doors — and it’s hard not to believe them especially if they sound familiar to urban legends that’s been passed down from generation to generation. 

Much like widespread stories involving Hantu Kumkum and Nenek Keropok, rumours of a menacing man going around Yishun trying to steal children is hard not to resist. And lo, it went viral — with many folks taken in by the sinister parable. 

Siti Suhaidah Ismail was a non-believer, until her family member encountered the alleged mystery man herself recently in Bukit Merah. 

According to Siti’s younger sister, the man had knocked on her door late at night garbed in a black thobe (traditional robe worn by Muslims). Looking through the peephole, the man was seen striking a pose like he was about to break out in an Islamic song and, according to her, looking creepy as hell. 

“Beware okay, people. Stand by your broomsticks or pepper sprays behind your door!” Siti wrote. It’s unclear if the man her sister saw is even the same person accused by various publications of terrorising Yishun.

Reality however isn’t so spine-chilling. Muhd Alif called for calm and reason, refusing to take part in the scaremongering. Speaking to the man that Siti’s sister saw, it turns out the roaming stranger was a Pakistani man who just wanted to earn some extra income by selling a “small wallet-sized sticker”. 

Photo: Rahul Firdaus

“…I can sense that he has a good heart. He may look creepy, but he’s doing honest work,” assured Alif. 

So yeah, moral of the story: don’t go around abusing random strangers at the door just because some folks assume he’s an evil dude. 

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