Woman recounts how her alleged molester kneeled and begged on a bus after being confronted

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

A man was apparently arrested — and is currently warded in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) — for allegedly molesting a female passenger during a bus ride.

The victim took to Facebook to recount the harrowing experience last Sunday morning, and how she loudly confronted the alleged pervert. What happened next was unexpected — the man panicked and asked the bus driver to let him out before kneeling down on the floor,  begging the victim not to report him to the cops. He had a reason to be fearful; the man claimed to have a criminal history involving molestation.

According to the victim, the bus drivers and other passengers came to her aid and comforted her, while also “scolding” the alleged molester, who started to get aggressive later on.

“This photo was taken when I was outside the bus to stay away from him because he was getting aggressive to get close to me.” Photo: Facebook

An update to the post yesterday noted that the man was arrested on the same day he committed the act. An Investigation Officer with the Singapore Police Force revealed to the victim that the offender does indeed have a prior case involving molestation, but he was let off with a warning. Currently warded in IMH, he’s awaiting charges to be taken against him.

“Girls, please do not keep quiet and let (these kinds) of perverts go scot-free,” she wrote.

Victim shaming

As things sadly go for cases of outraging modesties, there will always be commenters seeking to blame the victim for wearing outfits that drive men to molest — a flawed logic that has to be dismissed time and time again.

The victim has spoken out against her detractors, as she should. Here’s what she wrote (edited for clarity).

“To those victim-shaming commentators, to answer your curiosity, I was FULLY COVERED. Flared long pants and a high neck top with a cardigan. The point is not what I was wearing; the point is that every woman has a right to what she wants to wear and that doesn’t give anyone the right to touch them without consent. So does it mean if you’re not wearing anything revealing, the outrage of modesty won’t happen? Singapore has hot and humid weather  — do you expect people to wear winter clothes? If this happens to any of your family members, I doubt you would even comment as such.”

Right on, lady.

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