Wheelchair-bound GrabFood delivery woman lauded for her tenacity in making an honest living

Photo: Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community / Facebook
Photo: Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community / Facebook

Netizens found something to lift their spirits up in this cold, rainy Friday when a picture of a lady on an MRT train went viral online. Not just any lady, but this wheelchair-bound woman appearing to be a GrabFood delivery person, judging from her attire and the bulky food bag hanging from her back.

Sure, you could say that we should treat the disabled no different than the able-bodied. But folks are finding it inspiring that even someone with limited mobility would willing to go beyond what was expected of her and find work that involves traveling distances to pick up and distribute food orders.

Head of GrabFood Singapore James Ong expressed similar sentiments about the viral post. “We are very inspired by the delivery-partner and heartened to see her commitment,” he commented to Coconuts Singapore.

It’s laudable on Grab’s part as well that the company is inclusive to the differently abled, welcoming them to take up jobs to make an honest living.

“GrabFood is proud to be the platform that enables micro-entrepreneurs like our delivery-partners,” continued Ong. “They have the flexibility to plan their working arrangements, from their preferred modes of transport to their working hours,” he explained, expressing his gratitude for GrabFood’s dedicated delivery-partners.

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