WATCH: Young chef on keeping heritage alive with his traditional pork trotter jelly dish

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When you think about losing touch with your heritage, food is inevitably one of the first things that come to mind. After all, most family gatherings and nostalgic memories are built around meals together. That’s why this new original series by video platform Viddsee easily strikes a chord with viewers.

Entitled Memories on a Plate, the documentary in its first episode delves into a young chef’s version of traditional pork trotter jelly, a dish that brings up memories of his father in the kitchen. In it, Dylan Ong shares about his childhood experiences helping out at his family’s hawker stall, and how that eventually led to him going to culinary school to learn about French cuisine at the age of 19.

The man who co-founded Saveur before branching out with his own cafe called The Masses may now be serving up millennial-esque plates such as ricotta hotcakes, braised beef cheek, and grilled avocado, but still he clings on to the importance of heritage and family in his efforts to keep the time-honored dish — which takes two days to prepare — alive.

Watch his story below.

If that piqued your interest, the series features several more episodes — all revolving around the concept of food as an expression of culture and how it unites families.

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