WATCH: Xiaxue’s makeup tutorial will make you look like a ghostly replica of Sun Ho

As far as makeup tutorials go, this might be the most crucial one to learn. Just in time for the Hungry Ghost Festival, popular blogger Xiaxue makes an attempt at replicating the literally staggering look of another popular icon: Sun Ho.

Though we doubt that Ho’s regular appearance at City Harvest Church resembles the look of Chinese opera actors and Sun Wukong, it’s an unfortunate mien employed in her music video for ‘Mr Bill’ — one of the many singles unleashed in her failed reggae crossover. Behold:

Feeling inspired? Xiaxue’s latest Guide to Life episode on Clicknetwork provides the exact tips and tricks you need for the life-changing look.

“For some reason, she has like blush on her temples — but don’t knock it just because it’s unconventional,” Xiaxue advises. “So you may think that you’ll look like you have some kind of disease, but trust me, this is the look that you really want to go for.”


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