WATCH: Woman has epic reaction of terror to python at Singapore Zoo show

Screengrabs from video
Screengrabs from video

Fears are meant to be conquered, right? Perhaps that’s what this one woman thought when she agreed to be a volunteer at the Singapore Zoo’s animal show. Bravely, she went up on stage with another female, but couldn’t quite bring herself to go too near the little snake that her partner was gamely holding on to.

Shrieks were let loose, but props to her for still standing her ground.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that a big surprise was coming her way. The terrified woman, already unnerved at her close proximity to the reptile, immediately lost her cool the moment keepers brought out what looked like an enormous albino python. It took five men to carry the colossal creature, which was as calm as could be, probably wondering what the big deal was.

In an dramatic display of panic, distress, and fright, the woman instantly pushed her companions’ arms away and dropped to the ground, to the horror and shock of everyone around her. Her hat abandoned, she tripped and fell, but still attempted to roll away from the snake, who was chilling in the keepers’ arms, unaware of the commotion it caused.

Caught up in her fear, the woman appeared to dive for the pool of water in an attempt to get far, far away from the slithery creature, but was held back just in time by the keeper. Thankfully, she eventually made it to safety.

Kudos to the courageous lady for facing her phobia straight on (although she might’ve later regretted it.)

Watch the clip below and try not to laugh too hard while you commiserate with the poor lady. Or better yet, find a way to watch it in slow-mo, so you can giggle at the looks of alarm and dismay on the keepers’ faces.

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