WATCH: Supremely annoying prick bullying a woman at an ATM (and nobody came to her defense)

Yes, yes, we’ve all been annoyed at one time or another when some blur/selfish individual holds up the queue for way too long at ATMs. 

But we’re pretty sure none of us have been mad enough to be so pugnacious like this man. 

Losing his patience at a lady who was presumably hogging the ATM, a man started yelling at her — he called the bewildered woman “fucking inconsiderate” and demanded to know which country she came from. Typical xenophobic assertions ensued; he told her to go home if she couldn’t behave herself in Singapore. Oh, and he even said he was willing to slap her. What a gent. 

Even through all that, the folks standing in the queue behind Articulate Asshat didn’t tell him to calm the hell down. Really, the man could have just helped her with what she needed to carry out at the ATM if she was indeed confused, or at least informed her politely that she was taking too long.

Despite the uncle behaving like a typical hoodlum, he spoke proper English, with a slight tinge of an accent. It was a weird effect, really. 

Disregard the uploader’s caption stating that this was a racist incident. Overbearing asshole the man may be, but he didn’t seem to make any offensive references about the Muslim lady’s race or religion. Xenophobic and rude? Yes. Racist? Nah. 



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