WATCH: Migrant workers and an SAF personnel working together to push a stalled bus

Video screengrabs

A tour bus that had broken down was blocking traffic at the junction of Kampong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road, resulting in congested traffic towards VivoCity.

The pickle the bus driver found himself in was quickly resolved thanks to a group of migrant laborers — and one Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel — who helped to push the stalled vehicle.

Facebook user Zye Hensem managed to witness and capture the kind deed and uploaded the footage online, where it has since gone viral. Speaking to STOMP, Zye noted that the incident took place yesterday morning around 10am.

“I saw the helpless bus driver waving at a group of foreign workers who were doing some landscaping works at Mount Faber Road,” Zye told STOMP, commending the men for readily pitching in to help without hesitation.

Their teamwork got the stalled bus moving again and prevented causing a bigger traffic congestion along the stretch of road.

As these things often go, The Singapore Army Facebook page will soon identify and praise the SAF personnel who helped out — but let’s hope that the bigger collective efforts of the workers won’t go unrecognized in the process.


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