WATCH: Electric scooter rider nonchalantly zooms past bus at 70kmh

Oh man, the things electric scooters can do these days. Commonly used as a leisurely way to get between short distances, motorised personal mobility devices (PMDs) can speed way, way up with mods and illegal tune-ups.

Little did we know they would actually be used to zoom past full-sized public buses on the road. 

Watch below as one damn power guy thought nothing of riding his electric scooter along Mandai Road at 70kmh — fast enough to overtake SMRT bus service 171. Even the dudes filming the whole thing from a car behind were impressed.

The reckless dude’s speed is way over the proposed speed limit of 25kmh as decreed by the government’s Active Mobility Advisory Panel regarding the usage of personal mobility devices. 

The current lack of laws on PMDs has been a particularly painful point for the Land Transport Authority, who’ve since launched a special unit targeting errant cyclists and users of PMDs such as electric unicycles, scooters and hoverboards. 

Meanwhile, the local e-scooter community who actually adhere to laws have been angry over the portion of irresponsible riders who’ve tarnished their name. Recently, a 53-year-old lady was hit by an teenager riding on his e-scooter, and remains unconscious in hospital

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