WATCH: Brawl erupts at One Raffles Quay over honk on horn

It all started with a honk on the horn, it ended up in a full-scale brawl at One Raffles Quay that involved several other concerned passersby. It’s a bit long for the usual dashcam footages uploaded on social media, but go ahead and watch it below: 

Let’s break down what happened.

Silvercab picks up passengers at the lobby/taxi stand at One Raffles Quay. Silvercab leaves. 

Silvercab gets exit blocked by a car (presumably an Uber/Grab car) that’s parked there waiting for passengers to arrive.

Silvercab cabbie honks horn before squeezing to the right to exit. 

Annoyed passenger knocks on the cabbie’s window. Window knocker has douchebag vibes. 

Window knocker opens door of Uber/Grab car to enter. Silvercab driver stops and yells at him.

Douchebag goes alphamode, confronts the cabbie and seemingly throws a punch at him, before trying to open the taxi door. Scene erupts as an unseen passerby yell out “Ey! Who do you think you are! Fuck off man!” at douchebag. 

Some other dude goes to get douchebag to get inside the waiting car. An uncle (we presume its the guy whose dashcam is recording the whole thing) confronts douchebag.

Oof. Douchebag still on alphamode, pushes uncle, causing him to fall down. The blue-shirted guy tries and fails to hold back douchebag from causing trouble. 

More shouting ensues. Uncle whips off glasses — he also wants to go alphamode and fight the douchebag, it seems. 

Silvercab driver gets out the cab. A new challenger appears! Douchebag races to fight SIlvercab driver.

Nothing can stop the tornado of assholery that is the douchebag. He pushes the uncle once again. Uber/Grab driver fucks out of there. 


Even more people enter the fray to stop the fight. Douchebag is just getting started. Props to his blue-shirted friend for trying his best. 

Uncle calls for help — unsure if for police or for backup. More come to try stop the fighting. 

This bro tries to offer support to Silvercab driver. “Eh chill ah bro, the world is a beautiful place,” he presumable says to the cabbie. 

Oh snap, we forgot about the Silvercab passengers! They too, fuck outta there. “Boys will be boys, chuhh,” the ladies seem to be saying. 

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