‘Unruly’ passenger escorted off plane for horrid flight behavior: SIA

The passenger who was kicked off a Singapore Airlines flight on Tuesday. Photos: Simplyhappy777/TikTok, Strawb3rryb0ss/TikTok
The passenger who was kicked off a Singapore Airlines flight on Tuesday. Photos: Simplyhappy777/TikTok, Strawb3rryb0ss/TikTok

Passengers were trapped with a man with zero flight etiquette and manners caught on videos circulating online today.

Singapore Airlines last night said that the unidentified caucasian man was kicked off the SQ711 flight which just landed in Singapore from Bangkok on Tuesday.

Videos showed the man cussing at airline staff, claiming that he had been asking for water for two hours. He insulted, taunted and threatened to “push” the cabin crew.

“Give me water,” he said. “Why you don’t give me fucking water? You fucking idiot?”

@simplyhappy777 On 8 Nov 2022, on sq711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangok this crazy passenger threatened to push over the sq crew if he does not give him water. The seat belt sign is still on and he suppose to be seated. Wasted all the passenger time for the ground staff security to take him off the plane.#stomp ♬ original sound – user6163865113147

According to TikToker Simplyhappy777, who posted the viral clip that accumulated over 1.8 million views in a day, the incident happened when the seat belt sign was still on but the man’s thirst for water could not wait.

When he finally was passed a bottle of water, he only took a mouthful and was escorted out by security. Passengers can be heard rejoicing by clapping and shouting. The man was later handed to the auxiliary police.

Asking for water was not the only demand he made, according to Singapore Airlines.

During meal service, the man behaved in an “unruly manner” and kept pressing for more alcohol, which the staff later decided to decline the further requests to “ensure the safety of the other customers on board the flight.”

He also unsurprisingly did not heed safety warnings from staff and was a great pain to passengers during the about two-and-a-half-hour flight.

“I don’t know you, you can fuck off,” he said to a passenger. 

“Sit down, you child,” a passenger shouted.

Other clips showed the man actually sitting on the floor but was blocking the aisle.

He also was seen shoving another man in the same aisle as he was trying to pass through. 

@strawb3rryb0ss that's how you will get escort out of the plane #flightdrama #sgtiktok #traveltiktok ♬ DJ What You Come X Teki Gan Pargoy Santuy – Kelud Music

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