Unfortunate lunchtime sight: taxi driver allegedly beats red light, hits pedestrians near Jurong Point

Two pedestrians were found in a bloodied state after a taxi driver allegedly beat a red light and hit the two pedestrians. (Photo: Cassendra Tay / Facebook)

An accident is probably the last thing you would want to see en route to lunch, but Facebook user Cassendra Tay was witness to an accident that reportedly happened on Saturday at lunchtime near Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

A taxi driver allegedly beat the red light near the Jurong Point area, hitting two pedestrians who were pictured lying on the ground and bleeding, according to a Facebook post uploaded by Cassendra today.

In the post, she said she was driving behind the taxi when she reportedly saw the taxi driver beating a red light, even though the red light had been showing for some time.

According to Cassendra, the taxi allegedly hit two pedestrians who were crossing the road and the force caused by the accident caused both pedestrians to fall onto the ground.

Photos uploaded by Cassendra show passersby tending to the two affected pedestrians who were seen with blood coming out from their heads.

The passersby were using tissues to wipe away the blood and other photos showed paramedics tending to the casualties as their groceries are strewn all over the ground.

“Check left and right before you cross even when the green man shows up,” said Cassendra in her post, reminding all pedestrians to beware of road activity.

“I wish the victims a speedy recovery,” she added.

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