Tower Transit to implement signature scents on their buses

Photo: @towertransitsg / Instagram
Photo: @towertransitsg / Instagram

If you ever board a Tower Transit bus in the future and find yourself overwhelmed with an overpowering (not really) odour, worry not. It’s Tower Transit’s new plan in motion to provide passengers with a pleasant journey — for your nostrils, that is.

According to a report on Channel NewsAsia,  Tower Transit’s group communications director Glenn Lim enthused, “Research has shown that pleasant scents can enhance moods. Some scents also help to counter symptoms of motion sickness.”

Using signature scents as part of marketing isn’t a new thing, of course — casinos, hotels, car showrooms, banks and retail stores (Abercrombie & Fitch’s aroma is reputably douchey) have all been using specially-crafted fragrances to leave a lasting impression on patrons.

To put this plan into motion, Tower Transit commissioned AllSense – whose portfolio includes perfume fragrances for Changi Airport and ION Orchard – to create a scent to be associated only with Tower Transit alone. Development of the scent is said to have taken two months.

Hint: It involves some mixing and matching

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The resulting blend is said to be laced with “refreshing top notes of fresh grass, lemon and orange, overlaying floral and peppermint notes, with a foundation of ylang and sandalwood.” Fancy stuff for a public transport service.

From today onwards, this “signature scent” will be implemented on 100 buses across services 66, 97 and 106.

If that’s not quality customer service for you, there are also plans to give out scented hand sanitisers on selected services.



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