Taking inspiration from Japan, Singapore trials 3D traffic markings in areas frequented by the elderly

Photo: LTA newsroom
Photo: LTA newsroom

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is taking road safety to another dimension. The third dimension, that is. New 3D traffic markings will be implemented at the Whampoa Drive Silver Zone at the end of this month, meant to create the illusion of a narrow lane width so motorists will slow down.

In case you haven’t come across one, Silver Zones are located in areas with high senior resident populations, amenities they frequent, and spots with higher accident rates involving the elderly. Senior-friendly road safety features such as ramps for wheelchairs, additional pedestrian crossings, traffic pinch points, as well as signages reminding motorists to slow down are installed in these areas.

Taking inspiration from Japan’s urban design, 3D “traffic calming” markings are meant to influence the behavior of drivers and slow down the flow of traffic. The effect, as seen in the artist’s impression of the imprints, should be pretty trippy and jarring enough for motorists to reduce their speeds. Similar measures have been tested in Iceland, India, and London as well.

According to LTA, the Silver Zone scheme has been pretty effective. Accident rates within the 15 completed Silver Zones across the island have been reduced from 14 cases to 4 cases per year on average. Works are ongoing right now for another 10 more Silver Zones.

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