Storage space opening for East Coast oenophiles

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Wine lovers will salivate at this announcement.

There’s more space to store your precious drinks when Lock+ Store opens up 4000sqft space of wine storage in Tampines next year.

“There is a rising trend of both private and business storers keeping artisanal wines at our Chai Chee facility for their personal consumption or distribution and retail purposes. Despite the keen competition and the entry of specialised wine storage providers in Singapore, the demand for climate-controlled storage outstrips supply,” says Helen Ng, chief executive officer of Lock+Store.

The Tampines facility, she says, will cater to wine collectors in District 17 and 18. The average wine storage unit, measuring 12sqft, can keep 240 bottles and is available at $100 per month.

“With growing affluence and greater exposure to the European wine culture, the rising trend of fine wine collection and consumption looks set to continue in Singapore.  This will spark growth in the demand for dedicated wine storage facilities,” says Ng.

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