Singaporean woman who went to Romania to meet her boyfriend returns home with him

Cheryl Yap Lay Leng is the 25-year-old Singaporean who made headlines when she and her mum vanished without a trace earlier this year, only to reappear in Romania. Even her father was not informed of their trip, and he reported them missing, worried they fell prey to some sort of scam.

But it turned out that Cheryl had simply been bitten by the love bug. She just wanted to meet her boyfriend, 18-year-old Alexandru Donea, whom she met online two years ago. The pair bonded through their mutual love for manga.

Now, the couple are back in Singapore, with their mothers in tow. Donea and his mother, Aurelia, plan to stay for about three months. As for future plans, it seems a wedding is in the pipeline. Perhaps in the next year or two?

Looks like this Romanian romance may have a happy ending after all.

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