Singaporean faces xenophobic backlash after being charged for damaging London ambulance

People dance on a NHS ambulance as fans celebrate in the street beside Borough Market after England’s win over Sweden in the Russia 2018 World Cup quarter-final football match, in London on July 7, 2018. (Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP)

It is unclear if Singaporean Jian Kangyue, 26, is originally from China, but that did not stop many Singaporeans from attacking his alleged origins after he was charged with damaging an ambulance in London.

Jian was charged at the Camberwell Magistrates Court in London on Thursday for criminal damage in cracking the windscreen of a rapid response car and making dents in the bonnet after England beat Sweden in the World Cup quarter-final, reported notorious British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The incident happened on July 7, when Jian and three others took to the streets near London Bridge to celebrate the win before all four of them decided that it was going to be the day they ripped apart an ambulance to shreds.

The damage on the ambulance totaled up to some S$12,000 (£6,867.42) and 34 days that the vehicle was out of service for, due to the incident.

Jian pleaded not guilty to the hearing and will stand trial. All four accused are out on bail and will appear in the Inner London Crown Court on Jan. 8.

Based on his name alone, it seemed like a natural conclusion for many of the Singapore Internet Brigade to assume that his surname and the combination of his last name meant that Jian is originally from China.

For those that chose not to attack his citizenship, they chose to focus instead on how the young punk in question chose to let loose in a foreign country.

As always, there is that one lone commenter who sees the crux of the issue; if this happened in Singapore, Jian might have been subject to more brutal measures, such as caning.

For the charge, Jian could face a minimum of 12 weeks in prison. However, prosecutor Dami Eniola said all four accused were of “good character.”

We will see what happens come Jan. 8.

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