Singapore Mercedes driver flings bus driver’s phone after blocking bus bay, charged for public nuisance (Video)

An angry Mercedes driver terrorizing a bus driver at a bus stop on Flora Drive on Oct. 31. Photos:
An angry Mercedes driver terrorizing a bus driver at a bus stop on Flora Drive on Oct. 31. Photos:

A Mercedes driver causing a ruckus even though he was clearly in the wrong was caught on videos circulating online today.

Teo Kian Chin, 42, was charged on Saturday with committing a public nuisance after going berserk when an unidentified bus driver honked at him to move out of the bus bay on the night of Oct. 31 at a bus stop on Flora Drive.

According to reports, Teo’s Mercedes was illegally parked in the bus bay and blocked the SBS Transit Bus Service 4. After the bus driver honked at Teo, Teo came out of his car and shouted at the bus driver before returning to his vehicle to drive off but was seen strutting back to the bus barefoot moments later.

Teo continued to threaten the bus driver, grabbed the driver’s phone after boarding the bus and flung it onto the road. A woman, believed to be with Teo at the time, tried to coax Teo to leave and returned the phone to the bus driver, according to SBS Transit.

The bus driver had been in contact with SBS Transit’s operations control center throughout the incident.

National Transport Workers’ Union rep Melvin Yong said last night that Teo was “thuggish and unreasonable” and that the union does not tolerate any abuse against public transport workers. He added that a police report was made the next day on Nov. 1.

Last week, another incident involving a Mercedes showed a “bodoh” driver blocking traffic by turning wrongly into the motorcycle lane at the Woodlands Checkpoint. He, too, didn’t show any remorse and fought back insults thrown at him by a motorcyclist.

If found guilty of committing a public nuisance, Teo can be fined up to S$2,000.

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