Singapore dog trainer feels ‘harassed’ by criticism of shock collars (Video)

A tan colored dog cowers in apparent fear after being shocked by a collar in video stills. Images: Alfie Pan/Facebook
A tan colored dog cowers in apparent fear after being shocked by a collar in video stills. Images: Alfie Pan/Facebook

Can Singapore treat its pups with some doggone respect? For the second time in two days, a doggie finishing school is getting ruffed up for its disturbing training methods.

Canine Solutions Singapore today stood its ground in response to complaints about a two-year old video showing a trainer jolting an animal with a shock collar. 

“We are transparent in our training and our techniques/methods are adapted to each individual dog. Our clients are fully aware of how we train their dogs,” The dog training school located at Tembeling road wrote on Instagram.

It also said it would just block those who continue to criticize it.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as it’s come to a point that we and our clients are being accused and harassed, we will block such misinformed individuals from putting out baseless comments.”

In the footage which surfaced Sunday, three large dogs are walked through an open car park when a tan mongrel trailing behind barks and is immediately zapped by its collar. The traumatized dog cowers and attempts to sit before being pulled away by an unperturbed man holding what appears to be a latte.

It was posted by the same account used to call out another dog obedience training school for kicking, choking and dragging its pups yesterday.

Professional dog trainers do not rely on pain aversion to modify behavior, and Singaporeans called the school out for cruelty.

“[C]ome let me put electric collars on y’all,” Liza.img wrote.

“[Y]all are [absolutely disgusting] on using abusive methods to ‘train’ ur dogs,” Rinraichu wrote.

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