This Singapore Casket ad for Valentine’s Day is fake as hell, but it sure is funny

Photo: Social media
Photo: Social media

Before we go on, we have to make it clear that this is in no way a genuine ad put out by Singapore Casket — one of the oldest funeral services provided in the country. It’s a doctored graphic made by an unknown individual that went viral over the weekend because it is kinda hilarious.

Photo: Social media

For those who don’t get the joke, the Valentine’s Day message wants scandalous husbands to surprise their wives on the romantic day by, um, exposing them to their extra-marital affair. Singapore Casket is said to have sponsored the message because, you know, its services would come in handy after the husbands get killed for cheating. Pretty funny, IMHO.

But the fact that the Singapore Casket logo (and its contact details) is prominently plastered in the fake ad got a lot of people believing that it’s real. So much so that Malaysian publication China News got a hold of it and queried the funeral parlor about the spoof.

It’s pretty clear that Singapore Casket didn’t find it funny at all.

“Singapore Casket would like to clarify that this message was not sponsored and posted by Singapore Casket,” it explained on Facebook. “This prank message was done by someone who sabotaged our brand. Kindly ignore the message.”

As a PSA in ethics for all individuals cheating on their partners behind their backs, perhaps it would be wise to arrange for funeral services early. Just in case.

Oh, and here are some other things you should be doing in lieu of exposing your affair on Valentine’s Day.

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