Miss Singapore advances into Top 30 of Miss World 2018 pageant and she’s not wearing a ridiculous costume

Miss Singapore World Vanessa Peh speaks at a head-to-head challenge against Miss Nepal at the Miss World 2018 qualifiers (Photo: Screenshot from PageantBuzz/YouTube)

While Singapore is busy criticizing the dress of our reigning Miss Singapore Universe, another local beauty pageant contestant is making waves on another international stage, Miss World, with her impassioned speech on tackling Singapore’s aging population.

As such, Miss Singapore World Vanessa Peh beat Miss Nepal Shrinkala Khatiwada in a head-to-head challenge to advance into the Top 30 of the Miss World pageant, in a video uploaded by PageantBuzz on Saturday (Dec 1).

Peh, 23, spoke about her social cause project in partnering with Sian Chey Medical Institution to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to elderly folk who need it.

“A lot of them don’t get subsidies they need because they don’t fit the criteria (for public help); they don’t have a house or children,” she said.

“As time passes, many elderly people are neglected,” she added.

Her project involves her taking part in art exhibitions and charity galas and she said she has raised a total of S$4 million to help 400,000 residents so far under the medical institution.

“If we help one of the 400,000 people and they have a household of three, we would be able to help 1.2 million people in my country,” added Peh.

Her involvement in the project is also personal, as her father suffers from a myriad of medical problems.

“He really taught me the importance of having subsidies and being able to elevate the stress of financial burden,” she said.

Miss World differs from other beauty pageants as they have a social cause element to the competition, called “Beauty with a Purpose.”

Sure, Peh’s presentation is lacking in some finesse because she may not be able to fully say the words “beauty with a purpose” or pronounce the word “myriad” properly (it is pronounced as mee-ree-ad, not mee-rahd).

However, her substance speaks volumes and we are willing to look past those points to give her full credit for representing us well on the international arena.

Peh took to social media to post the great news of her success.

“I will continue fighting hard and doing my best,” she said after winning the head-to-head challenge, which is a component in the Miss World early qualifiers where contestants will spar off in question-and-answer challenges to get early spots in the Top 30.

Miss World will take place in Sanya, China on Dec. 8, so hang on tight and pray that another horrendous costume will not end up on another international beauty pageant.

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