SIA will soon offer actual spacious bedrooms in their revamped first-class suites

SIA’s new first class-suites. Jeez. Photo: SIA newsroom

If you thought Singapore Airlines was fine with having the most expensive flight tickets in the world, well, you thought wrong, son. Singapore’s flagship airline just took luxury flights to a whole new level with the announcement of their new bedroom cabin suites.

Literally, you’ll be having a private bedroom for yourself in the air — if you can afford it that is. SIA unveiled the cabin overhaul on their Airbus 380s today, where the revamped first-class suites will provide both a full-flat bed and a leather recliner. Seeking to “redefine premium air travel”, the new cabin will also come with a 32-inch monitor, a full-sized personal wardrobe, customised handbag stowage compartment, a feature wall with mood lighting, and other luxurious centerpieces. Couples traveling together can drop down their partitions and have their beds in each aisle converted to form a double bed in an ultra-big bedroom.

Photo: SIA newsroom
Photo: SIA newsroom

Wait till you hear their description of the plush leather chair:

“Each seat is upholstered by world-renowned Poltrona Frau in fine leather, and is fully adjustable using an electronic control side panel which can accommodate a variety of sitting and lounging positions. The swivel capability of the chair (between 135 and 270 degrees) with recline up to 45 degrees provides added flexibility for dining and relaxation.”

Photo: SIA newsroom

Business class seats will also get a revamp, with things like carbon fibre composite shell structures (apparently this creates a thinner frame to create more under-seat storage space) and seats that can recline directly into a full-flat bed. Central dividers can even be lowered to form double beds. Honestly though, it’ll be weird doing that while other passengers are watching either side.

Photo: SIA newsroom

Those of the normal income bracket can only afford premium economy class seats at the most, and SIA is giving it its own exclusive cabin zone on the new A380s. In the economy class, seats will have more legroom, in-seat power supplies, proper footrests and adjustable headrest. We’ll take what we can get.

Economy Class. Photo: SIA newsroom
Premium Economy Class. Photo: SIA newsroom

The airline noted that the new cabin offerings will be installed on the five new A380s they ordered with Airbus, while the rest of SIA’s fleet are scheduled to be retrofitted. They expect all the works to be done by the end of 2020.


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