The ultimate cheating revenge? Singapore Instagrammer outs man in ‘sponsored’ post

The ‘sponsored’ Instagram post of Instagrammer SGNomster posing with a man (face blocked out by Coconuts). Image: SGNomster/Instagram
The ‘sponsored’ Instagram post of Instagrammer SGNomster posing with a man (face blocked out by Coconuts). Image: SGNomster/Instagram

A number of people came across a “sponsored” post on Instagram in the past week by a local food and travel blogger who had purportedly outed a man and his unfaithful ways. 

A screenshot of the Instagram story post by Hilary of the SGNomster Instagram account has been shared thousands of times at least since Monday. It showed a photo of herself posing with a man and an emotional goodbye note. 

“Lies after lies. Over and over again. You made me feel like I was never enough. When there was another girl all along,” the caption in the boosted post read. 

“While time would heal my wounds, the scar will always remain. And I may even forgive but I will never forget. Goodbye.”

The woman did not immediately respond to Coconuts Singapore’s request for comment via email and Instagram. 

One Facebook user by the name of Jaydee Lok was one of those who had come across the post on the platform. The person shared a screenshot of it to Facebook, questioning why she had been the “target audience” for such content. 

“No idea who this girl is but I am so impressed that she took out an instagram ad to shame her cheating boyfriend??????” the post, which has been shared at least 4,000 times, said. 

“Also why am I in the target audience for this?!”

According to Chinese-language news site 8 World News, the “sponsored” post was up last week.

Hilary had also published five other posts detailing that her suspicions surrounding the cheating began as early as December. She also said that the ex-lover was an auditor. 

“Dec – You’ve been texting. A lot. But who? Couldn’t make out her name as you tried to hide it,” one of the posts read. 

“Jan – it was never to be found out. The overseas picture is on her fb but not yours. That was 4 months ago. I felt faint. I thought you were busy?”

Hilary regularly publishes photos of food and her travels to her 8,000 followers on the @SGNomster Instagram page.


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