Sequestered and scared, Singaporeans endure through the power of memes

Image: SGAG / Instagram
Image: SGAG / Instagram

While everyone (who can) is working from home, the meme miners have been pulling double shifts unearthing dank nuggets of humor to make the best of a bad situation. Here are some of their fresh chuckles for our amusement.

Hit us up with some of your faves.


It’s like a solar eclipse happening while being struck by lightning with a winning lottery ticket in your pocket.


Because dead voters can’t vote.


The TP-hoarding white people be jelly.


Green Tea stock: SECURED.



Not 100% sure this one originated in Singapore but something we’d do for defs.




“Can’t be afraid of chaos if you are the chaos,” @AudiKhalid replied.



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impossible made possible last night

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The likes are over 9,000



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at this rate the maggie gonna take you out before COVID-19

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What’s your point?


Not exactly the global unity we were hoping for.



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I did it, I saved the economy from recession #mememan #stonks #ig_sg #sg #dankmemes #singapore #ig_singapore

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Do the math, people.


The parody account is harsh, if consistent.


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