WATCH: Road rage between cyclist and driver as cyclist smashes truck’s mirror, truck driver knocks cyclist off the road

A cyclist was seen in a viral video smashing the side mirror of a truck before the vehicle whacked the cyclist off the road (Photo: / Facebook)

A cyclist took matters into his own hands when he broke a truck’s side mirror after the truck reportedly honked at the cyclist to move from the center of the lane to the side of the road.

After the cyclist smashed the side mirror, the truck driver swerved and hit the cyclist off the road, causing the cyclist to land onto the grass patch next to the road.

The incident was published in a video uploaded by Facebook page ROADS.SG on Sunday.

The incident

The incident appears to happen as the cyclist, accompanied by another cyclist, was crossing the Pasir Ris Rise road, according to the video.

In the video, the cyclist is seen riding in the middle of the lane while his companion was riding on the side of the lane.

According to the video, the truck driver behind the cyclist honked twice at the cyclist. However, no audio was heard in the dashcam footage.

As the cyclist and truck move past the traffic junction, the cyclist then goes next to the truck and appears to be smashing the truck’s side mirror using his hand.

The truck then does the old switcheroo and swerves towards the cyclist, seemingly hitting him off the road and into the adjacent grass patch.

Regulations by the Land Transport Authority stipulate that cycling two abreast is allowed unless the cyclist is on a single-lane road and is cycling during bus lane operational hours.

However, LTA advises cyclists to ride “as close as practicably” to the left-hand edge of roads to allow traffic to overtake cyclists safely.

Maximum penalties for flouting such rules include a S$2,000 (US$1,400) fine or a six-month jail term.

The cyclist is seen in the video wearing cycling clothing with the words RTFI on it, which is similar to the outfits worn by the RTFI Club Cycliste group.

Coconuts Singapore has reached out to the police and the RTFI cycling group for additional comment.

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