Netizens are saying that the long-anticipated Golden Village cinema in Bedok has little legroom

Photo: Golden Village Mr Popcorn / Facebook

The anticipated opening of a Golden Village cinema in Bedok may have been awesome news to residents in the far-flung neighborhood, but now it looks like some movie buffs aren’t happy.

Sure, the redeveloped Princess Theatre (now a fresh new complex called Djitsun Mall) may be hosting six movie screens with approximately 600 seats in total, but there’s apparently some an issue with the seating arrangements. As in, the legroom in the multiplex might leave much to be desired. This, according to one disgruntled patron who went on Reddit to rage against the cinema in Bedok, claiming that its “legroom is worse than any budget airline”.

“Your knees will be in constant contact with (the) back of the chair in front of you,” posted u/oystermilk. “People… have to constantly stand up for other to get in and out — the space is that tight,” the Redditor wrote, calling on others to watch movies anywhere else other than GV Bedok.

Bedok has Golden Village cinema now but don’t go there because from r/singapore

It’s a harsh criticism that we can’t verify (because we none of us live in Bedok), but a couple of other Redditors who claimed to have a bad time in the theatres spoke in agreement.



Then we tried looking into other public online platforms to see if there really was an issue. There very well might be, according to other netizens.


The concerns have been acknowledged by Golden Village, by the way. According to a comment left on their Facebook page, the feedback has been taken “into consideration for future cinema developments” — meaning that long-legged Bedok residents might have to put up with the arrangements for now. Surprisingly, the comment suggested that patrons who want larger legroom could visit Golden Village Katong. This defeats the purpose of having a cinema open in Bedok, really, but if comfort outweighs convenience that much, sure, make the half-hour trip from Bedok to Katong.

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