Mysterious giant ‘pizza’ fungus discovered in Woodlands HDB

Want a slice of this? Photo: u/QualitativeEconomy via Reddit
Want a slice of this? Photo: u/QualitativeEconomy via Reddit

A remarkable and unexpected natural phenomenon out of Woodlands recently took social media by ‘shroom.

A Redditor, known by the handle u/QualitativeEconomy, stumbled upon a colossal and brilliantly colored fungus growing beneath a small tree. The image they captured, featuring this extraordinary fungal find, quickly garnered attention for its distinctive characteristics.

The photograph, shared on r/Singapore, revealed a fungus of remarkable size and unique appearance. With vibrant orange and yellow hues that almost resembled a delicious slice of pizza, this fungus displayed a fan-like shape with multiple layers, akin to shelves neatly stacked atop one another. The lighter coloration around its edges hinted at potential new growth, adding to the enigmatic nature of this discovery.

The Redditors were quick to respond with a mix of awe, humor, and curiosity. Some dubbed it the “pizza” fungus, with one Redditor, WonderfulBlackberry9, jokingly remarking, “I asked for mushroom on my pizza, not pizza on my mushroom.” Others, uncertain about its exact identity, marveled at its sheer beauty, commenting, “Whatever it is, it’s quite beautiful.”

However, it was Impossible_Fun9649 who shared a more analytical perspective, noting the fungus’s resemblance to the “chicken of the woods” variety. This conclusion was drawn from the fungus’s vivid orange color and substantial size. Still, they emphasized the importance of accurate identification and suggested the use of tools like Google Lens to achieve a more precise classification.

Offering further insights, SkyEclipse pointed out that “Chicken of the Woods” typically grows in clusters, which led to some skepticism about this particular fungus’s identity in Singapore’s climate. The distinct local weather conditions prompted speculation that the Woodlands location might not be an ideal habitat for this species.

Adding an appetite for adventure, Damien132 humorously quipped, “If it’s chicken of the woods, I want a piece of it to eat,” indicating a potential culinary interest in the remarkable find.

On the other hand, some Redditors were more inclined to believe that the mysterious fungus could be a Reishi mushroom. Redditor nightaid pointed out the resemblance to a species of the Ganoderma genus, commonly known as “Lingzhi” or “Reishi” mushrooms. These fungi are renowned for their medicinal properties in various cultures and are characterized by their shiny, varnished appearance and reddish-brown color. In Singapore’s climate, Ganoderma species are relatively common, adding another layer of complexity to the identification process.

The Woodlands “Pizza” fungus has certainly left the online community abuzz with its extraordinary appearance and ambiguous identity. 

Is it an exotic natural wonder, a potential culinary delight, or perhaps even a source of ancient medicinal wisdom? 

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