Murderbill: Possible bird serial killer filmed devouring Singaporean pet (Video)

Screengrab from the video of the hornbill killing the caged bird. Photo: @Anthraxxxx/Twitter
Screengrab from the video of the hornbill killing the caged bird. Photo: @Anthraxxxx/Twitter

The murderer looked around nervously, as if sensing watching eyes, before hopping atop his caged prey. Withing a couple deft lunges of its massive beak, it snatched the smaller bird inside from between the bars. 

Flutter and flap, the small pet bird thrashed about. Chomp, chomp, the hornbill responded, extinguishing the small avian life as its horrified neighbors looked on from an adjacent cage.

Those who keep songbirds on their balconies are warned to be on the lookout for loitering hornbills after footage of one devouring a smaller caged bird at a public housing corridor freaked out/inspired awe online.

“Traumatic moment for them birds,” @TheGodwinson said succinctly. 

It was unclear exactly where or when the incident took place. The nearly 2-minute clip opens with the hornbill already perched on the second bird cage – perhaps the source of an unrecorded feathery snack – before hopping over to sample the other.

“Oh! He killed the bird!” a woman can be heard saying off camera. The person who posted the video did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Singapore has reported increased hornbill sightings since last year, with some invading homes and even stealing bras from housing flats.

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