McDonalds Singapore customer gets a rock-hard McGriddles for breakfast [VIDEO]

So tough. (Photo: Edwin Edl / Facebook)
So tough. (Photo: Edwin Edl / Facebook)

Imagine this: buying a nice, piping-hot serving of the McGriddles burger at your nearby McDonalds, unwrapping the packaging and sinking your teeth into the burger… only to find that it is rock-hard.

That burger was what Facebook user Edwin Edl found, resulting in a series of videos which he uploaded on his Facebook page on Saturday as he tries to find a way to break into the burger.

The videos have collectively racked up 50,000 views overnight as Edwin gets to work with a variety of strategies to try and crack. this. burger. down.

In the video, he hits the burger’s tough exterior with his hands, with the caption “Proudly present to you Sausage McRock with egg” and a tag shoutout to McDonalds Singapore’s Instagram account.

He then tries a series of experiments to break the burger, using these following tools:

  • A plastic fork, which ends up being bent while trying to pierce it through the burger
  • A screwdriver and screw which incredulously results in the screw not being able to cut through the burger
  • The screwdriver on its own, where Edwin uses it to stab the burger to successfully create holes
  • A metal fork, which ends up just like the plastic fork: bent!
  • A chopper, which still cannot cut the burger in half
  • A hammer that can put a nail into the burger after some vigorous force

He then gets behind the wheel of a car and drives over the burger just casually lying on the floor… only to find that the action did nothing to damage the burger.

“@mcdsg did a really good job on making McGriddles so tough,” said the caption on the video.

At this point, we are beyond gobsmacked as Edwin tries one final experiment to get this burger to crack: by throwing it from the top floor of a flat.

Yup, you guessed it: that action did nothing to the burger, with the bun and patty emerging from it still intact with the McDonalds logo on the patty.

“Give this guy an award… he made my day,” said Facebook user Mamatnuh Seyy in response to the video.

Another commenter was stunned at what type of substance the otherworldly burger was made out of.

(Photo: Facebook screengrab)
(Photo: Facebook screengrab)

Edwin later clarified that he did not freeze the burger and that it came as it is when he ordered it, but thankfully he was more happy than angry at the ordeal. (After all, it’s just a burger.)

“This is way too funny for me not to share,” he said. “Thank you McDonald’s for making my day.”

Thank you Edwin, for making our day too.

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