Man who stroked genitals in front of girls on Bedok bus had been fired by Foodpanda

An unidentified man with his hand in his pants Monday on a bus in Bedok. Photos: Jorene Ng/Instagram
An unidentified man with his hand in his pants Monday on a bus in Bedok. Photos: Jorene Ng/Instagram

A man who fondled himself in front of female passengers during a bus ride in Bedok yesterday had indeed worked for the food delivery company whose hoodie he was wearing but was fired last month. 

Foodpanda told Coconuts this morning that it had seen the “disturbing” image of the former employee placing his right hand inside his pants on the bus, but that he had been dismissed weeks prior. It added that it was also offering support to Jorene Ng, 20, the woman who photographed the man touching himself while sitting across from her and her two sisters, aged 18 and 22.

“The video circulated was disturbing,” Foodpanda said in its statement about the clip Ng posted as an Instagram story. 

“Upon our internal investigation, we can confirm that the individual captured in the video was a former employee dismissed a month ago. We have also reached out to Ms Ng to offer our support over this shocking incident,” it continued. 

The company did not identify the man or elaborate on why he was let go. 

In the clip, he is seen wearing a Foodpanda jacket while riding the 225G bus, which travels through Bedok North. Ng wrote that she reported him to the bus driver and exited the vehicle. The man followed them off the bus but later took a different route, she said.

“We are traumatised by his actions and we felt unsafe during that time. We have then immediately left the bus in which he alighted the same bus stop as us but walked another direction,” Ng said, indicating that the incident happened just two hours prior to her posting about it at around 2am.

Ng also said that the sisters were wearing “long sleeves and non revealing clothes.”

“Even if there was any skin revealed, no guys should be doing such act in public. This is such disrespect towards females and is absolutely outrageous,” Ng added.

SBS Transit did not immediately respond to Coconuts’ request for comment. 

Please help to share around . Encountered this disgusting act on bus 225G , around 1205 am , 29/3 .

Me and my sisters…

Posted by Jorene Ng on Sunday, 28 March 2021

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