Man curses LTA enforcement officers after his sister’s e-scooter gets confiscated at Lorong Buangkok

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

So incensed that his sister got her electric scooter seized by the authorities that a man took to Facebook to curse the enforcement officers involved in the case.

This, despite him noting that his sister had been riding her e-scooter on a road — a clear violation of the rules under the Active Mobility Act.

“Sons of an abomination, worst profession ever,” wrote the man about the Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officers in a Facebook post. “May your offspring grow up to be mentally challenged. A job that deserves no respect,” he wrote.

So you can understand why the post has since been taken down. Unfortunately for him, SG Road Vigilante reproduced his videos, photos and his words on their YouTube channel.

What happened was that his sister had been riding her e-scooter along Lorong Buangkok on Saturday night. The stretch of road next to Kampong Lorong Buangkok (aka the last village in Singapore) is known to be a dimly-lit area where stray dogs would occasionally roam, thanks to the industrial warehouses in the vicinity. According to the man, LTA’s Active Mobility Enforcement officers had been stationed at the end of Lorong Buangkok, and his sister dismounted her vehicle and pushed it towards them when she saw the officers.

The e-scooter was then confiscated on grounds that she was riding it illegally on a road. But the issue the man has with the officers is that they did so without considering the circumstances of the “dangerous” environment.

“With the common sense that not all humans have, the most sensible thing to do will NOT be to alight and push (her e-scooter along) the entire road like this,” the man wrote. He apparently confronted the LTA officers as well and even called the police to the scene. One of the officers (looking fed up with the man) was caught on camera saying that he was disengaging from the conversation.

It’s not clear what happened afterward, but what was clear from the man’s little rant is that the LTA officers had every right to seize the personal mobility device. E-scooters are strictly banned on any roads — them’s the rules.

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