Lorry vs Bicycle saga: Aftermath depicts cyclist (who’s fine) losing his cool with the calm driver

Video screengrab

In case you haven’t caught up on a Viral Thing That Happened over the weekend, Singaporeans have been entertained by a clip that depicted a traffic altercation between a lorry driver and a cyclist.

Both parties are in the wrong, really. The lorry driver had his path blocked by two cyclists pedaling along Pasir Ris Rise. One cyclist refuses to let the driver pass by moving to the left. Driver honks, cyclist gets mad and smashes the lorry’s side mirror. Driver retaliates by swerving right into the cyclist, knocking the man off the road. Classic road rage.

Now, there’s a follow-up video. Roads.sg uploaded a clip depicting what happened after the lorry driver got down and faced the cyclist he knocked off the road. In case you were wondering, the cyclist turned out just fine — fine enough to lose his cool against a calm and collected driver. His presumably wrecked ride lying on the grass patch, the cyclist can be seen gesturing wildly at the other party. The lorry driver simply recorded the altercation on his phone, which was petulantly snatched away by the cyclist, who appeared to really lay into the uncle. The cyclist’s companion simply stood by their side and watched, refusing to intervene.

All to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “A Hero Lies In You”, because why the heck not.

Netizens are overwhelmingly on the side of the chill uncle, while internet sleuths appear to have already found out the identity of the cyclist.

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One thought on “Lorry vs Bicycle saga: Aftermath depicts cyclist (who’s fine) losing his cool with the calm driver

  1. Definitely what the lorry had done is wrong, but the cyclist’s act is of a bully. what a shame Singapore has become. It was so much better and people more civilized 15 years ago.

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