Li Shengwu proposes AGC to look for his ‘seditious vacation photos’ in response to their investigations

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew Li Shengwu may or may not be in trouble for a critical comment about Singapore’s judiciary, but the dude certainly isn’t too troubled by it.

Somewhat surprised and presumably miffed that such a casual Facebook post was enough to get the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) triggered to do something, the 32-year-old Harvard academic called the government “petty”.

In a private Facebook post (that was initially public), the son of Lee Hsien Yang posted a link to a Wall Street Journal piece regarding the blown up family tiff over 38 Oxley Road. He pointed out that international media is constrained by Singapore’s “very litigious” government and a “pliant” court system — comments that the AGC is reportedly looking into.

“I’m surprised that the Singapore government is so petty. Would they also like to trawl my private Facebook feed for seditious vacation photos?”

Shots fired! Points to Shengwu for his sass.

Dr Lee Wei Ling — Li’s aunt and PM Lee’s sister — was also surprised by the AGC’s reaction, and she wondered if the government placed someone in charge of following the Facebook activities of their relatives.

And the Lee family saga goes on.

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